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Freewheel  Bike Shop



MONDAY        10AM - 6PM
TUESDAY        10AM - 6PM
THURSDAY      10AM - 6PM
FRIDAY            10AM - 5PM
SATURDAY      11AM - 4PM
SUNDAY          11AM - 4PM

Fast, affordable repairs, no matter the bike. From flat tires to full custom builds - we've got you.

New bikes - kids' bikes, hybrids, MTB, and Gravel!

New E-bikes are in stock - come ride one! Or let us upgrade your current bike with a conversion.

Stone Road

Why won't my tube hold air? What size mountain bike do I need? What time are you open? Where's a good place to ride a bike around here? What kind of valve is this? Do you have rental bikes? Where, and how much, chamois cream?? What is a gravel bike?

Your bike questions, answered

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Our crack team is on the case. We'll get back to you as soon as possible

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