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We work on (almost) anything bike-related! If you have questions about your bike or available parts, get in touch

*E-Bikes rates

General Labor Rates

$1/min   *$1.15/min

Strange Repairs, Simple Rates 


Accessory installations

E-bike conversions

Part replacements

Anything else (bike-related)


$180  *175

Super tune-up +





Tuned to a T.

Price includes cables and housing.

Basic Tuneup

$65  *$75 

Adjust Derailleurs / Shifting 

 Adjust Brakes

True Wheels 

Adjust Hubs 

Adjust Headset 

Adjust Bottom Bracket 

Wipe Down Frame 

Secure All Accessories

Bike Assembly

$75  *$95

Box ---> Bike



Test and inspect

* Charges vary for accessory installations

Super Tuneup

$120  *$150

General tune-up +

New cables & housing 

Re-grease hubs

Service bottom bracket

Re-grease headset 

Brake Bleed

$30 - $45

$30 for 1 caliper

$45 front and rear

Resurface rotors

Resurface pads

You don't need an appointment BUT it helps us plan, and we offer scheduled service for faster turnaround time during the busy season. 


We're on it, and will get back to you shortly!