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Radmission white.jpg
Radmission white.jpg

A versatile range of well-built, utilitarian, and affordable bikes. Almost as impressive as their lineup - their incredibly responsive product support and customer service. 



Proof that you don't need a ton of options - in this case just three. If you're looking for a practical, well-built folder for a great price, check out the Lectric XP series. 


Ariel Rider

You want it to be coool - big motors, dual battery, full suspension and real speed. Look at a Grizzly. Plus reliable build quality and component selections. Winner Winner.  



Another example of picking the right parts without going crazy on the price. Juiced has a range of high-quality bikes optimized for street and cross-country transportation. If you're willing to spend a little more for something that's fully outfitted from the start- check out Juiced. 

Juiced ripcurrent.jpg